Synthetic motor oils outperform traditional petroleum products. And AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are the best motor oils money can buy.

    Find out why quick lube operators have begun to see the trend toward extended drain internals as an opportunity, not an obstacle. Find out why oil change specialists are choosing the AMSOIL 7500-Mile/Six-Month Oil Change Program.
12 Reasons
Your Shop Should Carry AMSOIL

  1. Higher Profit Potential
    AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is a premium product that commands a premium price. Consumers expect to pay more for a higher quality product, and the retail profit margins allow oil change specialists to charge more.

    Busy quick lubes that are already operating at capacity can potentially see twice as many customers since they only need to see them half as often to make the same or greater profit.

  2. Satisfies Customer Wants
    GM consumer interest surveys indicate that motorists desire the convenience of extended oil drain intervals. Now you can offer with confidence the convenience of 7500-mile/six-month oil changes.

    With regard to wear protection, fuel economy, and high and low temperature performance, there is no better motor oil on the market than AMSOIL.

  3. Leadership Products
    In 1972, AMSOIL became the world's first fully API sequence tested synthetic motor oil for automotive applications. To this day, AMSOIL product performance is second to none.

  4. Technical Service & Support
    AMSOIL has a wide array of technical literature and sales tools to assist you in educating your employees and customers with regard to the benefits of synthetic lubrication. Every account also has a personal servicing Dealer who is able to provide assistance and insight when needed, as well as send customers your way.

  5. Increased Business
    Many lube shops are seeking ways to gain a competitive advantage. AMSOIL products give you an edge in your market. AMSOIL also carries dozens of additional performance and car care products that can increase your bottom line.

  6. Provides Security
    Even though you recommend 3,000-mile oil change intervals, the truth is that people do not change their oil as frequently as they should. Harsh engine conditions cause petroleum oils to degrade far more quickly than synthetics. You will not need to worry about your customers' vehicles if they stretch their intervals beyond what is recommended and neither will they. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides long-term protection.

    AMSOIL offers warranty coverage for it's products when used as recommended in mechanically sound engines.

  7. Broad Product Line
    AMSOIL specializes in manufacturing a wide range of fuel efficient, long life lubricants for all manner of applications. In addition to motor oils, AMSOIL markets synthetic automatic transmission fluid, gear lubes, hydraulic and compressor oils, greases, as well a family of filtration products for every kind of application.

    The AMSOIL product loine includes excellent fuel additives, biodegradable antifreeze and family of automotive car care products. Ask to see our G-290 product catalog.

  8. Less Waste Oil
    Our program not only reduces disposal costs, it cuts down the amount of time devoted to managing oil and filter disposal processes. These benefits flow directly to your bottom line. Extending oil drain internals has signigicant environmental benefits, the most obvious being less waste oil and fewer oil filters to dispose of.

  9. Low Cost Start-Up
    AMSOIL products are an add-on product line that opens up increased profits without significant risk. Profit-minded operators soon recongnize their earnings protential with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.

  10. An Ideal Match
    AMSOIL products are an ideal match for your business. By offering both your existing products and AMSOIL products, you can satify the full range of customer lubricant needs. Some customers and their vehicles are not candidates for premium systhetic motor oils, and some passenger car owners are concerned only with initial price rather than long term value. For these customers, you'll still want to be sure to have your standard motor oil on hand. With AMSOIL products, however, you can now offer your quality-conscious customers a high quality alternative to their traditional lube service.

  11. Advertising and Promotional Support
    AMSOIL provides a wide range of suporting promotional activities.
    • Sponsors national and grassroots racing teams to reinforce the AMSOIL message regarding the superior performance of synthetics
    • National magazine advertising campaigns
    • Targeted PR designed to increase AMSOIL name brand awareness
    • Point-of-purchase materials to increase interest in AMSOIL
    • Sales literature
    • Access to complete AMSOIL product lin
    • Opportunity to participate in future money-making opportunities
    • Co-op programs through servicing Dealers
    Your servicing AMSOIL Dealer can work for you in the community, recommending your lube shop as the place to go for AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.

  12. The Experience of Others
    "I have customers who come thirty miles to have my shop put AMSOIL in their cars. It's a great indication of people's increased appreciation of synthetics and high quality products."
    -Wayne Folske, One Stop Lube Shop, Oshkosh, WI

Estimated Profit to Quick Lube Account

Profits per customer will vary based on prices and overhead calculations. AMSOIL recommends a markup of 2 to 2-1/2 times the normal petroleum-based oil change pricing.
For Example:
Oil Change Price
Less Oil Cost
Less Filter Cost
Less Labor Cost
Gross Profit

$ 5.00
$ 2.00
$ 5.60
$ 8.90

$ 2.00
$ 5.60


Typical Recommended Oil Change:

$8.90 x 5 oil changes = $44.50         
What your customers actually do = $24.03*        
AMSOIL XL $25.10 x 2 = $50.20        

* According to major oil company data, the average consumer changes their oil 2.7 times per year. With AMSOIL, two oil changes per year enables you to earn more money than five oil changes, and nearly twice as much as the typical 2.7. As an added benefit, customers’ cars have better protection with AMSOIL XL. Note: The filters you currently use are sufficient for the duration of the complete service interval recommended by the automobile manufacturer. Premium filters are available from AMSOIL if you want to offer them to your customers for an additional charge.

Customers Save, Too

Not only do lube shops make more money with the AMSOIL XL-7500 Program, customers save money and experience more convenience with the same program.
Oil Change Price
Annual Cost
@ 15,000 miles

x 5

$ x 2
We encourage you to display this kind of comparison for your customers when asking them if they would prefer coming in 5 times a year for a 3000-mile/3-month oil change or twice a year for a 7500-mile/6-month Premium Oil Change. The answer should be obvious.

All numbers based on 15,000 miles per year utilizing typical values extracted from current research.

The AMSOIL 7500-Mile/Six-Month Oil Change Program brings value to your customers ...and profits to your bottom line.
    With the introduction of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils in 1972, there has been a new understanding of the performance possibilities of lubrication technology. Since that time AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil has been the best quality motor oil in the world. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils improve fuel economy and engine efficiency. No motor oil on the market provides better high and low temperature protection against wear.
"How can I make money if customers extend their oil drain intervals?"

    The 7500-Mile/Six-Month Oil Change Program has been developed specifically for your profitability while providing passenger car owners with superior engine protection and performance.

    Statistics have shown that many motorists will say yes when you offer them the choice."Would you like our $21.50 3000-mile/three-month oil change, or our $49.95 7500-miles/six-month oil change?" Consumers today are willing to pay more for quality and convenience.*

    The notion of extending drain intervals has become a controversial subject, and the fact that they can potentially double store revenues demands that there be open discussion.
Here are the facts:
  1. AMSOIL synthetics have a much longer service life, hence they will protect engines for the entire duration of the manufacturer’s oil drain recommendations, both normal and severe service, and beyond.
  2. If you provide a higher quality product and charge a premium price, you can make more money with less effort.
  3. If you make more money in half the number of visits, that means you can see more customers and thereby increase your annual profits.

* A variety of price models can be used to ensure your profitability. AMSOIL recommends charging two to two and a half times your current service price.

Four important trends that will impact tomorrow’s passenger car market

    The Trend Toward Performance
      Drastic changes in engine design,with their smaller, hotter engine compartments, tighter tolerances and emissions standards have placed higher demands on lubricants. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers are seeking extended drains,cleaner engines,improved fuel economy, reduced oil consumption and better wear protection. One industry analyst has speculated that over time as increasing numbers of baby boomers enter their peak earning years, 90% of all cars on the road will be high performance vehicles.

    The Trend Toward Extended Drain Intervals
      According to GM’s Mike McMillan, Europe currently maintains a 9,000-mile drain interval and is preparing for longer drain intervals. Indeed,GM’s patented Oil Life System (OLS) eschews the 3,000-mile standard altogether, telling motorists to instead rely on an oil monitor that assesses an oil’s life. This monitor consistently recommends oil changes at more than twice the 3,000-mile standard (and this is in vehicles using conventional petroleum oil!). AMSOIL XL synthetic motor oils have a service life of 7,500 miles or six months,which ever comes first (or longer when relying on factory-installed oil monitoring systems.)

    The Trend Toward Synthetic Motor Oils
      The modern quest for "more, better, faster" has made an impact on every industry. As a result, high technology synthetic motor oils like AMSOIL have found increasing acceptance in every facet of American industry. A major consciousness shift is occuring as Americans become more selective in their purchasing, focusing more on performance over price. The rapid growth in sales of synthetic lubricants is directly related to its superior performance capabilities.

    The Continuing Environmental Trend
      Government regulations and rising consumer awareness will continue to drive the push for environmentally friendly improvements in the industry. Extended oil drain capabilities are already being aggressively pursued in Europe, placing greater demands on oil formulators to improve the quality of their products. AMSOIL offers a model program that lube center operators can embrace which is not only environmentally wise, but economically suited for profit-mindedness as well.
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